About Us


Guitar and Bass Build is the result of this dream- to get Neil's exceptional quality instruments to the world at large. 

Based out of a small workshop in Oxfordshire UK, the dream becomes reality each day as stock and custom bodies and necks are assembled by a small team of luthiers, each one of them a skilled musician, as well as skilled in fine wood-working. With a foot in both worlds - manufacturing and music - G&BB harmonises perfectly with the needs of the musician. And we're always listening, always learning. 

The passion for wood and musical instrument making is clear to see in all of the Guitar and Bass build products. Guitar and Bass Build offers the highest quality precision built instruments. Every step of the process involves a total focus on quality to ensure that you get the best guitar or bass body, neck or scratch plate.

With our online presence, you can easily get the ideal guitar or bass part to help you create the UK made custom instrument of your dreams, just for you.

We use only the best quality hardware and timber. So you can be certain of owning a quality product, through-and through.

This is the top priority on all our Guitar and Bass products. What else is there? Neil and the team work on every aspect of each product, from the fine design details to the finishing touches that make it a fine and high quality product, ready for producing just the right sound. We want to create parts for instruments that are a joy to own, as well as to play. 

"Over 20 years ago, I finally realized I could live my passion by combining my love of music with my fine craftsmanship day job. As Master Luthier I now oversee our small team, crafting our guitar bodies, necks and parts for musicians the world over."

 -Neil Haynes, Founder